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What to Expect:
There will be a consultation which helps me give you the best massage I can. Please allow extra time for this on your first visit - it is included in the treatment charge.
Then the opportunity for you to lie down on a specialist couch to relax and un-wind. 
Following the massage we will review the massage, its effects, any future treatments and aftercare.


The Benefits:

  • Physically relieves sore aching muscles by releasing toxins, improving muscle tone, localised circulationand nervous function

  • Mentally relieves stresses and strains by allowing you time to switch off a busy mind 

  • Eases tension in the joint helping to improve mobility

  • Can ease pain from back ache and arthritis

  • Reduces stress by switching off the fight or flight response (sympathetic response) and encourages rest and repair response (parasympathetic response) enabling emotional release

  • Prepares the body for activity